Are you a photographer interested in giving back to the community? Are your skills on a professional level? Do you want to change the way the world sees itself?

Here at Kids4Cameras we want to connect you to the community programs that need your support. Your skills will make a difference in the eyes of many people in Canada. You can help empower the youth of tomorrow today! 


Connect to community:  We’re here to connect youth and their families to the professional photographers of their communities. 

Build long lasting relationships: By connecting professional media developers with young people and their families virtually we can build strong long lasting relationships with people all over the world form right here in Canada.


You’ll need access to high speed internet to be able to offer professional virtual assistance to families looking to learn about photography and media production. 


Register to become a Kids4cameras volunteer by filling out the form here.

Connect to Sponsored family or youth groups. Once you’ve been established as a k4C family photographer we’ll connect you to a family that’s ready to connect with you virtually.

Publish Journal for K4C. Our vision is a world where every kid who wants to tell his story over the internet and has the equipment they need for the job at their fingertips. Publishing journal post in our social media groups that describe your experiences will help develop our community focus.