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Responsible Volunteers because they know they Matter

Volunteering with Kids4Cameras has its rewards, but with great power comes great responsibility.

Over the years the one thing we’ve learned about as a volunteer organization is that the kids come first.

The responsibilities of our volunteer photographers matter!  Missing classes or dropping dates doesn't benefit youth.

That’s why our volunteer screening process goes above and beyond. Over the years we’ve always focused at doing what we do and at staying consitent.

Both Samantha and Greg have an amazing track record both as volunteers and professional photographers. Greg has worked with the Edmonton journal for years and never missed a date volunteering for Kids4Cameras.

Samantha not only volunteers with Kids4Cameras but she also runs a youth program with a foster home facility. Her dedication to youth has really helped Kids4Cameras shine over the years.

The reality is that without our volunteers we wouldn't have been able to collect the amount of equipment as we have to run sponsorships for digital literacy programming.

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