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The Inner Workings of the Elusive Teen

In my part of the world when the shutdown caused by this current global crisis happened winter wasn’t quite done. Being shut in and wondering about how it would all unfold (read: how bad things might actually get) wasn’t a great combo so my son and I started walking. He'd go out and keep moving to stay warm and then I'd head out once he was back. Just around the neighbourhood, just to get some fresh air, just to have a break from our four walls and each other.

He has a phone and started creating an ongoing story (memories) that he posted to his Snapchat. As of today, he’s documented quite a few interesting sights. Various wild life shots, strange views, his observations of a very unique or some would say strange time.

And he’s done that because he’s had technology in his hands. He can create and when given the tools and opportunity, he does. He shares it with his group or following and it’s his self-expression.

The benefit that I see in having an outlet, a way to share your view of the world whether something is happening or there’s a whole lot of not much, is that he is the one who chooses. What makes the cut and gets snapped or is considered mundane and therefore a non issue, it's up to him, his focus, his creation and his choice.

Our youth need some choice. They have lost many things. In my area of the world, our family is blessed, healthy and well and riding the waves of life as they come to the best of our ability. But with school heading back in the next few weeks and the questions far outnumbering the answers, having something that just you control and choose is a very good option.

At Kids4Cameras we want to collect a lot of cameras so that kids have access. If they want to make content, if they want to create, learn and share their work, we want to ensure that they have access to equipment. Technology is very powerful and learning how to use it is why we care about organizing donations, connecting with program coordinators and digital literacy, so youth can learn new skills, get experience and make good choices for their future.

If you know of a group that needs gear for youth programs to run, go to and check out the Sponsorship Request Form. If you know of a teacher that needs equipment to unlock the mysteries of content creation in the media class

, find us on Facebook and join K4CFam and Kids4Cameras. Share this link so that others can find out what’s possible for our youth as autumn is almost here.

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