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FAVA Community Partnership That's where youth (under 25 years of age) in Edmonton, can become members and get access to a GH4 for free! It's actually a really fun and professional camera.

A GH4 is a versatile photo/video camera that gives excelent style and cinematic POW to any YouTubing youth's production! All you need to do it become a FAVA member!

They'll Hook you up if you're under 25, or if you belong to an organization that provides programming to youth who are under 25 and want to use a really cool video camera.

We're looking forward to watching the productions that come out of this sponsorship as the years go by!

Jamie Mcrae Rentals Coordinator 780-424-4368 Hit him up and he'll fill you in on the Kids4Cameras GH4 Kids4Cameras sponsorship kit!

We would like to thank Panasonic Canada for hooking this up for our community.

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