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Declutter Palooza


July 21, 2020 

Declutter Palooza

Since mid March in Canada, times have been strange, understatement.  And even though people in my life have started talking about ‘getting back to normal’, for me I feel like there’s a new normal emerging. Over the past few months, sorting, organizing, setting priorities and decluttering have been popular pastimes as we’ve been indoors, shutdown, quarantined.  And so with the lightening of the load, emptying of the basement or garage an opportunity is emerging.

Consider donating your gently used cameras and photography equipment so that youth can learn a new skill and tell their stories.  

And oh the stories they may tell.  Anyone who cares about kids knows that this time has been tough for us all and they’re kids and they’re dealing with many major changes to their lives.  

Kids4Cameras collects equipment and then empowers teachers and dedicated youth workers. They can apply for equipment to allow them to run programs for youth who want this opportunity.

Support this initiative by decluttering your space and donating your stuff. Ask about cash donation to help offset the costs of making this happen in remote areas. And message us if you want to learn more about how you can make a difference to a teacher who wants to teach and kids who want to learn.

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