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An Albertan Antidote, Autumn is Coming

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Summer in Canada. It’s a pretty quick turnaround. Barbecues, time together with friends and weekend getaways between the May and September long weekends. And this year things have been different to say the least. Seizing the good days, the times when we can do things we enjoy, that bring us joy, seizing those opportunities is important, more important that ever really.

As summer draws to a close, what are you focused on? Missing the things that make summer great on one hand to be sure. And on the other, also looking forward to what the future will bring.

Connecting with our youth, the children who are trying to figure out the new normal as much as we are is a top priority. They’ve been shifted to new plans, lost things that they enjoy and are heading back into another unknown, school as no one has ever seen it. Cautiously optimistic with a strong dollop of realism, parents are facing some tough choices.

And just like parents and kids, teachers are rising to the occasion. They are having to adapt, grow, change direction on a dime and move forward. New challenges, new platforms, and new ways of learning.

At Kids4Cameras we like supporting those who support youth. We like making sure that generous donations received at our drop off locations (all McBains (Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethebridge) & The Camera Store - Calgary), get into the hands of youth who want to learn, gain skills and tell their stories.

The stories are going to be worth telling. And hearing from their perspective is a way of witnessing who they are and what kind of citizens they are becoming. To empower them, to celebrate their creativity and their desire to share is the “why” behind Kids4Cameras .

If this mission speaks to you, think about what you can do, how you can support this initiative that puts faith and belief in the power of youth, (and some pretty great equipment) in their hands. They can create, share and open up new possibilities just when the world needs them the most. Who has cameras and who needs them?

Check out Find ourFacebook group and join the K4CFam to receive updates. There's a road trip from Edmonton, Alberta all the way to Prince Rupert, BC to deliver equipment to Friendship House. And if you’re looking to get some gently used equipment into the hands of some youth who would love it and learn from it, connect with those local stores mentioned above and donate.

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